Past Exhibitors

Alberta Invasive Species Council

The Alberta Invasive Species Council (AISC) is a not-for-profit society dedicated to informing and educating Albertans about the destructive impacts invasive species have on our environment, economy, and society.

We endeavor to foster partnerships with jurisdictions, agencies, and groups to develop integrated collaboration, long-term management programs, and to engage and empower people to take action against invasive species in Alberta.

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Alberta Primitive Skills Society

Learn the necessary skills to survive in the wilderness from qualified professionals; from bushcrafting to fire starting and everything in between.

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Apocalypse Preparedness and Survival School

This hands-on comprehensive training program will give you the skills, knowledge and confidence needed to survive through any conditions.

The highly trained and experienced instructors will lead you in everything you need to know about preparedness and survival during dire circumstances.

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Armorlite Technologies

They have designed two of the most advanced expedition style units on the market. Offering extreme durability and high insulative properties while maintaining a lighter weight than any competing products. Built with their standard Exobody construction techniques the EXP-1 is built for full size truck and trailer installation while the EXP-2 was designed for the mid size truck market.

Their units have also found applications in many different industries ranging from environmental testing to emergency response units.

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Big Bird BBQ

Big Bird BBQ is the realization of a lifelong dream to cook and serve the community on their own terms.

In 2020, bringing the concept for a Smoked Meat and Vegan Food Mobile Caterer to the table and after a number of pandemic delays, Big Bird BBQ opened in August of 2021 in Hinton, Alberta.

Since then, the team has moved on to new pursuits, and Big Bird BBQ added The Roost, a cafeteria in Hinton’s Father Gerard Redmond Catholic School, allowing year round service.

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Briden Solutions

Canada's Emergency and Outdoor Food Headquarters.

You want to have a good time on your next outdoor adventure. Make some memories that will last. But there is all that stress of preparing the gear, picking the location, making a meal plan and shopping for food. Enough with the stress. Give Briden a call at 1-888-817-5550 and they'll take care of all your food needs and ship it right to your door.

How does Chicken Alfredo in front of the campfire sound? Or maybe Beef Stroganoff with Creme Brulee for dessert? Combine our over 200 nutritious and delicious foods with their 15 years of food experience and you'll have a mouthwatering meal setup that will make you want to head out every week. Just tell them how many people, for how long and any dietary needs or preferences, and they'll take it from there!

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Campgal Creations

Jewelry that connects you to nature.

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Cargo Trailer Conversion Kits

Jewelry that connects you to nature.

Catfish IOT

Their mission is to protect and secure all that you worked for, with affordable long term solutions.

Vehicles \ Trailers \ Boats \ ATVs are being stolen in record numbers. The Catfish is a simple to use tracker that can be placed in thousands of spots to protect your assets.

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County Waters Kayaking

County Waters Kayaking is committed to providing pleasurable time on the water with a large fleet of hardshell sit-in and sit-on kayaks. With over a decade of experience paddling lakes, rivers, and ocean waters, they are excited to share their passion for kayaking with you.

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Craze Outdoors

Craze Outdoors is a family-owned, Alberta based outdoor supply company. However, they are much more than an outdoor store. They're a community of outdoor enthusiasts; hikers, bikers, paddleboarders, and backcountry campers.

Their mission is to inspire a new generation of outdoor enthusiasts, driven by an inherent curiosity to explore; whilst promoting the conservation and stewardship of our outdoor spaces.

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Department of Fisheries and Oceans

We are a federal institution, responsible for safeguarding our waters and managing Canada's fisheries and oceans resources.

Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) helps to ensure healthy and sustainable aquatic ecosystems through habitat protection and sound science. We support economic growth in the marine and fisheries sectors, and innovation in areas such as aquaculture and biotechnology.

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Dog House Tents

Rooftop tents for cars and trucks from Dog House Tents will help you enjoy the outdoors in comfort and style. You can plan your next adventure with confidence with an elevated tent that rests on a frame atop your vehicle. Haul gear, cook, and wash up with our overland trailer, while you pitch your tent aboveground for a restful sleep.

Choose from a variety of sizes and styles to fit your vehicle and your camping style. Our rooftop tents come in soft top and hard shell varieties. Almost any vehicle can accommodate one of our rooftop tents—cars or trucks become campers with the addition of a rooftop tent. We offer accessories you may need to secure your tent or rack. And for day trips, try an awning that provides a shady place to sit as you enjoy the vistas of the great outdoors.

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Their mission is to build a better RV, by being a better RV company. By aligning superior customer experiences with greater team member fulfillment, they’ll create RVs meant for fun while having fun.

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Exploration Overland

An affordable overland camper company based out of Red Deer Alberta.

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Grizzly Overland

Grizzly Overland 4WD Accessories & Outdoor Gear are exploring BC and beyond in a 1989 Landrover 127. They are the Canadian distributors for Bush Company Alpha Roof Top Tent, and 270 XT Awnings. Impressive design, quality, and effectiveness against the “Wet “ Coast weather.

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In The Mix Cupcakes

Providing dairy and gluten free cupcakes for any occasion!

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Karleena's SubHub / Smoke Bomb Cocktails

Karleena's SubHub / Smoke Bomb Cocktails was established through the Covid-19 lockdown, and has continued growing ever since.

Both aspects of the business were started as unique gifts to give people for special events and has since exploded into wholesale, retail, branding and custom designing! They enjoy serving customers and ensuring they receive the best. With strong values and a focus on great quality, they have big aspirations for the future.

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Off Grid Trailers

Off Grid Trailers™ give you the freedom to explore. Be a renegade, go all-in, build memories with an Off Grid Trailer™.

Adventurous and creative, ambitious and curious, their off-road teardrop camper trailers are inspired by overlanding and off-grid camping– they’re designed for engaging with nature, for camping off the grid.

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Off Grid Trek

Taking care of all your solar energy needs.

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Off Grid Wilderness Co

An Adventure Gear Supplier, here to help you Escape Civilization and Wake up in the Wild. Whether you are looking for camping gear, organization tools, vehicle accessories, replacement parts, recovery gear, some new clothing and apparel or more – they have you covered.

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Off-Road Vixens

Off-road vix·en: A bold adventurous female who follows the road less traveled!

Off-Road Vixens Clothing line is built for women who love to play Off-Road and outdoors...    

Thier mission is to give the ladies of the motorsports and outdoor world what they have been missing.  Not just "Clothing" but clothing with an attitude!

They are the go to brand for women's motocross apparel and all other extreme sports and activities. 

Whether you are into Motocross, Dirt Bikes, ATV's, UTV's, Sand-Rails, 4x4, Snowmobiles, Hunting or just playing Outdoors, their clothing line is built just for you.   

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Overland Explorer Vehicles (OEV)

OEV, a division of LITE Industries Inc., is proud to continue the heritage of producing the finest engineered and designed vehicles for extreme off-road travel. OEV utilizes custom made proprietary composite panels and extrusions to construct arguably one of the lightest, most robust, and best engineered campers/cabins produced in North America.

Their builds are designed to be extremely light weight without compromising structural integrity for years of enjoyment.

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Raven Truck Accessories

Shop at Raven with confidence because they can supply, install, repair and warranty all of the automotive products you need at all of our Raven locations. With staff members committed to ensuring that you are satisfied, each and every time you visit their business has stood the test of time while protecting and personalizing your vehicle.

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Rival Trade Brewing Co

Rival Trade Brewing Company is a small town business dedicated and passionate to brewing top quality craft beer using locally sourced ingredients, and keeping the areas rich history and natural beauty central to their company.

What started in a garage has grown substantially since July of 2021 into a full fledged operation with live music venue.

Each beer is carefully crafted and inspired by a significant person, place or event that is noteworthy to the Rocky Mountain House area.

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Sojourn Overland

With a construction and design background of building Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) houses and educating consumers on the benefits of using ICF for their home’s shell and the low environmental impact of using locally sourced (as close as possible in Central Alberta!) materials, Sojourn Overland was founded in bringing that same concept to mobile trailers.

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Tactical Overland

Tactical Overland trailers are designed for Canadian conditions. They strive to use local vendors and support their community. The offgrid/overland trailers are designed to have high quality components to provide as many luxuries and amenities and still keep our price competitive

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Trails 4 Tomorrow

Founded in 2013, Trails 4 Tomorrow is a registered society in Alberta. Their focus is on ensuring the sustainability of recreational trails for 4 wheel drive vehicles, also supporting conservation, watershed and reclamation goals in Alberta.

As Trail Stewards, they focus is on sustainable trails ensuring that our 100 year old trails will still be here for 100 more. Taking responsibility to ensure that the trails are sustainable with minimal impact on our valued watersheds and wildlife.

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TreadHead Garage Ltd

Family owned and operated business servicing the 4x4 and Overlanding community in northern Alberta since 2013. Dedicated to offering the best products in the industry as well as honest service and advice regardless of make or model. We are just as happy getting you back on the road as we are outfitting you and your rig for your next big adventures. AMVIC Licensed

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Veterans Association Food Bank

The Veterans Association in Edmonton, Calgary (HQ) and now Grande Prairie creates a community of support, provides a Veterans food bank, helps fill out Veterans Affairs paperwork and connects many to the mental health supports needed.

Their mandate and values address four key issues facing the Veterans Community: HUNGER, HOMELESSNESS, ISOLATION, and ultimately VETERAN SUICIDE.

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Vancity Adventure

Daryl Berden and his son Cayden add their own spin to adventure, travel, and overlanding. This trio consisting of father, son, and their dog Tosha has been making waves on YouTube by exploring new destinations, learning about different cultures, and bonding.

The Berdens are the stars of 'Vancity Adventure,' a YouTube channel that follows them on their amazing adventures. They teach us crucial things such as being open to diverse cultures and appreciating nature's beauty when exploring new locations together. It's evident that this father-son team is not only having a good time, but also learning about life.  

Anyone looking for an immersive travel experience without leaving their homes could gain much from Vancity Adventures.

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Woody's RV World

Since its beginning in 1986, Woody's RV World has provided Canadians with superior recreational vehicles and exemplary customer service. Woody's now has 5 locations Alberta-wide, Red Deer (est. 1986), Calgary (est. 1992), Edmonton (est. 2005), Grande Prairie (est. 2011) and Leduc (est. 2016) Woody's is also proudly serving the British Columbia market for the first time out of our Abbotsford location.

As Woody's RV World continues to investigate expansion and growth opportunities throughout the two provinces they invite customers to come along for the ride and reap the benefits.

Part of what purchasers buy is the commitment of the dealer to service their needs. At Woody's, they take that commitment very seriously and work hard to provide you with the best RV experience possible. It's just one of the many benefits of purchasing your RV from Woody's RV World.

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Past Exhibitors

4 Wheel Auto

Good quality 4 wheel drive vehicles at wholesale prices is and always will be their commitment to customers. Overtime the focus of the business has turned to import 4WD vehicles which lead specifically to Toyota Landcruisers.

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Alberta Drones

Offering the highest quality consumer and commercial drones currently available, with a strong focus on customer satisfaction and striving to make the buying experience as seamless as possible.

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ARC Off-Road Training

ARC Off-Road Training is an industry leader delivering professional training, education and consulting in:

  • 4-Wheel Drive Operations for Government, Industrial, and Private 4-wheel drive users.
  • Operational Vehicle Recovery
  • Recovery Equipment Solutions & Sales.
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Backwoods Glamping

Backwoods Glamping is taking your next outdoor adventure to the next level. Helping customers to create the perfect sanctuary anywhere their paths may lead. Known for quality and loved for our customer service, Backwoods Glamping is taking a family owned business and turning it into a household name around the world.

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Beaverbuilt Trailers

Beaver Built Adventure Trailers is a 100% indigenous owned, family business, bringing Canadian built adventure trailers to the market in a time where exploring our own back country is at the forefront of the minds of most North Americans. Their local manufacturing facility that brings over 40 years of experience and shares our core family business values, we have designed a customizable, heirloom adventure trailer from the ground up.

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Chad Has A Paddle

Much like the sport of stand up paddleboarding itself, the inspiration for Chad Has A Paddle comes from Hawaii. Appreciate having a businesses meet tyou where they are, when you want a board. There can be many obstacles to getting on the water, collecting your equipment shouldn't be one.

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Attractive appearance and practicality are not enough. Outdoor conditions are sometimes far from ideal. Our products must survive the harshest weather conditions. Therefore, the quality of all materials and uncompromising manufacture are of vital importance

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Flat 4 Overland

Flat 4 Offroad missions has always been about getting more people outdoors sooner by helping them turn their daily drivers into a vehicle to suit their needs. They strive to provide people with genuine advice and experience-backed knowledge to help them make the right choices regarding their goals. Getting them ready for their adventures, where ever it might take them!

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FLO-PRO Performance

Your Diesel Performance Exhaust Specialists. Ensuring that their exhaust systems are the highest quality in the industry, with direct fit exhaust kits for your Cummins, Duramax or Powerstroke! With all pre-bent and pre-welded hangers.

Offering a full line of polished T304 exhaust tips to put the finishing touch to the best sounding exhaust in the industry!

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Freedom Recovery Gear

Freedom Recovery Gear was founded with the vision of producing honestly rated recovery products for recreational off road vehicle drivers to increase safety in critical and potentially dangerous situations. Freedom Recovery Gear builds, real world and independently laboratory tests and rates their synthetic recovery products.

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Adventure means something
different to every one of us. Some of us are happy to venture into our local parks, some of us search the road less traveled. G4O are here for all adventures alike.

An outfitter of durable and quality overland gear based in Edmonton, Alberta, they are passionate about getting outdoors and helping others along the way.

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Goatee and Badger Food Truck

Goatee and Badger is a mobile food and custom catering service based in Red Deer, Alberta.

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J.W. Speaker

Specializing in LED & other emerging lighting technologies and proudly design, manufacture & assemble our products in Germantown, Wisconsin.

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Kakadu Camping

After a trip to Australia camping with a trailer, Kakadu Camping was formed in British Columbia with the simple goal of bringing the best camping and overland brands from Australia (and beyond) to North America.

Over the last 10+ years they have grown to work with some of great partners including Drifta Camping & 4WD, Ark Corporation, MSA 4x4, OZtrail, Maxtrax and many more.

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KRave Automotive

Viewing the world as a place to travel and explore, KRave likes to choose the road less travelled, and love the adventure that comes along with the journey.

Their team of enthusiasts are proud to offer over 90 years of combined automotive experience. Whether helping to guide a vehicle build, provide access to the highest quality parts in the industry, or make sure your pride and joy is running perfectly KRave has you covered.

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Maple Made Co

Maple Made saws are fully crafted by hand in Alberta, Canada. Founder Jody Funk grew up surrounded by the outdoors, engaging in all manner of activities; hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, you name it. This eventually evolved into a passion for woodworking, and Maple Made was born. Each piece is meticulously crafted to last for generations.

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Moutain Surf Co

Mountain Surf Co was founded with passion to grow the Stand Up Paddle board community in Central Alberta, by providing top quality products and exceptional customer service. M.S.C is a local family run business with Paddle Canada Certified Instruction. We provide sales and rentals of Hala Gear S.U.P boards, the leader in inflatable technology. Whether you're an inspiring yogi or a whitewater weekend warrior, we have the paddle board adventure for you.

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Overland Canada Inc

Overland Canada Inc opened its doors in 2021 and has been providing great products and services to the Crossfield, Alberta area and beyond ever since. Featuring Doghouse tent and trailer products.

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Overland Racks Ontario

Constantly expanding on their equipment and partnerships to be able to bring quality overland products to the Canadian market, without the added shipping, conversion and import fees.

ORO are able to help prepare your vehicle for all of your overland adventures, regardless of where it is you call home.

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Overland Garage

Overland Garage was founded based on the vision to help bring the experience and expertise from Australia to the 4WD market in Canada.

Bringing knowledge and experiences gained from our remote travels their mission is to bring the proven methods and products from our overland travels to our beloved local 4WD community in Canada.

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Pronghorm Expedition Vehicles

Pronghorn EV’s is owned and operated by two like-minded partners whose shared love of traveling and the outdoors led them to designing and building overlanding and expedition vehicles. With their drive and can-do attitude, Andrea and Dallas bring a hands- on approach to planning and building projects from concept to completion.

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RA Motorsports

RA Motorsports began in manufacturing Subaru parts for an avid community. The company then started fabricating more than just skids as a demand for offroad products came about; which lead to the expansion of a new division to RA Motorsports, Element by RA.

Wanting to build products that were tough enough to be put up against a fair amount of abuse, without sacrificing aesthetics.

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Ridge Wilderness

Ridge Wilderness Adventures is your one stop shop, offering wilderness based programming for all levels of learning. Whether you are after a fun adventure, custom trip, award journey, skill development or instructor and guide training — they have the program for you.

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Rover King

RoverKing was created in Canada, where it remains 100% Canadian-owned and operated. Our founders imagined a truck camper that could go anywhere, and meet any needs, especially easy switchable between camping and working usage. After years, they designed their dream to fit the North American environment, climate, and other needs that are capable, comfortable, and contemporary. While RoverKing’s founders were successful in this dream, they continually strive to provide unique products to customers

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SMRT Tents

The SMRT tent family is inclusive to everybody from all walks and paths, no matter what direction you came from, or where you’re going. They believe strongly in preserving the environment so that generations to come have the same privilege as all of us to explore; which is why they plant 100 trees for every tent sold, and make an effort to educate on responsible outdoor use.

Working hard, keeping things fun, and never forgetting adventurous roots, they hope to encourage and welcome everyone to Get Out More!

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Summit Expedition Trucks

Vehicle deck platforms designed with multiple tasks and industries in mind, from adventurers to contractors. Using aluminum with rigid and light weight design, there is no need to worry about rust.

Offering build to suit and at home installation options, all systems are designed to meet all DOT requirements; including lighting and reflectors.

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Treeline Outdoors

Treeline knows you just want to get outside and enjoy nature. To do that, you need a simple tent you can depend on. The problem is, ground tents and RVs can be complicated and frustrating, which can make you feel intimidated. Going camping should be easy.

They know what it feels like to lose precious time outdoors because the tent or RV itself became an “adventure”. That’s why they’ve spent years developing innovative designs that we rely on ourselves every time we explore outdoors.

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Vivid Lumen

Pushing the boundaries on performance lighting! Vivid Lumen stays true to their three core values - Product Quality, Customer satisfaction and innovation. With values as thetop priority, it allows them to innovate benchmark products for a community of lighting enthusiasts.

Vivid Lumen Industries thrives to provide safety and visibility to off-road enthusiasts and heavy-duty professionals. Putting everything they've got into the lights and hoping they can help you adventure and travel further.

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