Download the Classes to Your Device!

Each class below can be downloaded and added to your device calendar, so you never have to worry about missing the start time or knowing where to be!

We recommend waiting until a few days prior to the event to ensure no changes are applied after you have set a plan.

Vehicle Based Trail Runs

Trail rides are limited to 10 vehicles per run. Online registrations are required to partake and can be found here. Once you complete your registration you will be provided a spot.

Weather may cause adverse conditions, please ensure your skill level is applicable. Bald tires will not be allowed to participate, and please expect that your vehicle will get bush pinstripe damage through sections on either run.


The schedule is subject to change with limited notice, however, the effort will be made to inform attendees of any changes.  

Vendor times are 10:00AM-4:00PM however vendors are free to open and close earlier or later to fit the needs of their customers as needed.

*Take part in any event at your own risk*